Bird House

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About the project
The Bird House is an invitation to contemplate nature. With its sculptural architecture, it seamlessly blends with the lush Atlantic Forest and the beaches. The living room, with its double-height ceiling and a glass-covered pergola roof that evokes the serenity of a bird aviary, not only enhances the architectural concept but also expands the space and provides cross-ventilation that ensures thermal and environmental comfort, perfectly aligned with the tropical climate of the region. The house is sustainable, powered by solar energy, and values local materials such as stones, woods, and artisanal textures, expertly incorporated into its structure. With seven suites, it comfortably accommodates the entire family. The pergolas add charm and perfect spots for relaxed conversations, while the pool with a whirlpool invites relaxation after a day at the beach. The garden, with a fire pit plaza and a hammock area, is adjacent to a vast Atlantic Forest preservation area.

Praia do Forte, Mata de São João, Bahia, Brazil

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Tiago Bezerra Architects develop their sculptural architecture through original creations. The company has projects in 13 countries and stands out for crafting buildings that provide inspiration and comfort to users, always committed to the highest aesthetic and functional standards. The team utilizes BIM technology to optimize their design and construction processes, ensuring efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in every project.

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Under construction


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