Black Villa

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About the project
The rectangular block of the Black Villa is a nod to Malevich’s Black Square. The building is attractive and repulsive at once, abstract and remote regardless the environment. This is a house for a rich art collector, independent refuge with private solar batteries all over the façade perimeter and a stormwater collection system.
The villa is surrounded with water, a medieval moat and a swimming pool at once. Transparent gates with golden ornament cut off a part of the access road, transforming its section into a private cour d'honneur. The road becomes a crossbar of the cross, another geometric motive typical for Malevich. Here, the cross comprises utilities like showers, closets, etc. At the flat roofing, holding the garden of sculptures, the cross serves as a bench and a flowerbed.

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Applicant and author of the project
Jan Skuratowski Architektur, architectural studio