Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
BLOCKS House is a two-story individual residence for a large family situated in Lezhë, Albania.
The project has an area of 400 sqm.
Functionally, the building contains four main areas. The layout is divided into four units, represented as “blocks”. The blocks push away, creating a common area that connects them. This space will serve as the living area, with a wide opening to the south that leads to the patio.
Each room faces a different panorama. To reach a sense of unity, the dynamic volumes are clad in wood. Combined with glass and metal, the building blends into the environment.
The secondary staircase is integrated in the patio, connecting different levels.
Residents can experience nature from above, similarly serving as a sightseeing tower.
During the design process, materiality, function, orientation and environmental impact have been taken into account. These factors conclude to a solution that aims a dynamic living experience and comfort conditions.

Lezhë, Albania

Project design year

Applicants and authors of the project
Tharm Architects. Aleks Shtjefni and Julia Hallvaxhiu are two architecture graduates based in Tirana, Albania. They have previously worked in several studios, before founding in 2017 Tharm Architects, a firm that specializes in architecture, interior design and urban design. The studio was named after the Albanian word “tharm” that means “yield”, the other meaning being “essence”. The philosophy of the studio is to find the essence of every design task by giving innovative and creative solutions.