Bloom in Yanino RE


Best Project of Residential or Multifunctional Estate

About the project

This residential development with commercial premises at Level 1 of Block 1 comprises 6 residential blocks that are rectangular and L-shaped in plan. No functional segregation or fixed layouts are offered, and some of the rooms can be used independently from the others. The surrounding grounds are to be beautified and arranged for the best possible use.


Yanino Town, Leningrad Region, Russia

Project design year


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Yusupov Architectural Studio

Authors of the project

  1. Yusupov, E. Kurguzova, S. Ivanchenko. Architects: E. Polyakov, Y. Nekrasova, V. Rakitin, A. Grigoryeva, S. Komisarova, D. Sayapina, A. Baranov, A. Kulikova

Project status Working drawings