Blue Jungle

Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
The Blue Jungle Building by blueArch is located in the center of Milan, near Corso Sempione.The building, located in the courtyard of old historical buildings, has a deliberately light and irreverent aesthetic, and strongly characterized by a zoomorphic organic architecture, akin to the aesthetic sensibility of its young inhabitants.Soft curves,absence of 90-degree angles, total immersion in a botanical universe that grows inside, a kind of spontaneous urban jungle, carefully designed by botanists and specialized gardeners, with 700 different essences,which even come to plague and form the only visible facade, located on the public road of Massena Street. The building has 9 floors, 10000 square feet and 100 individual apartments, and large common areas and facilities, completely energy independent, with a careful selection of materials, of certified nature and origin, and installations with very low consumption and almost zero emissions. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2026.

Via Massena, Milano, Italy

Project design year

blueARCH is the architecture studio of Alessandro Costanzia and Alberto Montesi, active since its foundation in housing issues, with projects in Italy and abroad, in Spain, Canada and recently in Florida, of individual villas and building complexes in areas of particular environmental and urban value. We create innovative, creative and energy sustainable architectural spaces. The studio’s design is timeless and inspired by contemporary and future development.

Author of the project
blueARCH: Alessandro Costanzia di Costigliole, Alberto Montesi, Andrea Bizzozero, Giuseppe Curzi, Francesca Favretto, Evelyn Mercuri, Valeria Docile

Private Investment Found GB

Status of the project
Conceptual design