BM House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project (provided by the applicant)
The project is a rehabilitation and expansion of a single-family house. Morphologically, the house is formed by three volumes. The south volume is a small pre-existent house that was rehabilitated and connected by two other contemporary volumes in a symbiosis between traditional and modern architecture.
The house has a strong contrast of materiality. The rehabilitated volume, while respecting the materiality and L shaped volumetry of the pre-existent building, is made of a natural stone facade, while the two contemporary volumes stand out by the use of modern materials such as the apparent concrete formed with wooden rulers, the glass and metallic elements with wrought iron finish.
Through the interior it stands out the homogeneity between the various spaces, strengthening the minimalistic and contemporary character where the cozy materials stand out, such as the wood, the iron and natural stone.

Vale de Cambra, Portugal

Project design year

Extra visual materials

AR Studio Architects, small studio based in São João da Madeira, Portugal

Author of the project
AR Studio Architects

Other participants
Photographer: João Rey

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