Bohemian Hostel

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The design philosophy is centred around enriching the guest experience by embracing the Bohemian lifestyle. Elevated from the ground, the building offers an open space for diverse activities. Utilizing a 3m x 3m grid layout allows for flexible assembly of spaces to accommodate various needs, such as guest rooms, toilets, and corridors, facilitating phased construction and future expansions. Inspired by Bohemian ethos, the design prioritizes freedom and adaptability, fostering community interaction through inner social spaces. The irregular site shape mirrors life's diversity, shaping the building's evolution. Each floor features open corridors with green terraces, integrating nature and enhancing user experience. With a total area of 850 sqm spread across four floors, initially comprising six buildings, the cluster allows for gradual expansion to accommodate more guests. The structure's system enables cumulative expansion with an interlocking mechanism.

Berlin, Germany

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Omara Design Studio is a multi-award-winning design firm with a humanitarian vision that has won numerous international accolades and honours. Our forte lies in creating innovative architectural designs, tailored to specific contexts that enhance the environment and serve the greater good of humanity. With over 15 years of global experience, we aim to craft buildings that seamlessly integrate with their environments, benefit humanity, and symbolize timeless values.

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Omara Design Studio

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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