Bolón Sagrado

Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
The skull, a reference symbol of Mexican culture around the world, is related to the number 9 of the Mayans in a universal discourse that tells us about how death is part of the eternal process of transformation that we call life. In this sense, the skull becomes a single symbol that represents change and transition, showing death in the most autochthonous way possible, uniting two languages ​​originating in Mexico in a single visual poem. The work was exhibited in the edition of Mexicráneos on AV. Reform of Mexico City with more than 5 thousand spectators. Thus, it is presented to us as a poem with a message full of Mexican feeling and pride, because what is more Mexican than a song to life? the symbols that converge in “Bolón, Sagrado” are just that, a poem about life in eternal transformation through death, since the latter does not represent the end of life, on the contrary, it is what gives it meaning and substance to it, in the best Mexican style.

Mexico City, Mexico

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Applicant and authors of the project
Adrian Gomez, plastic artist and designer born in Mérida Venezuela based in Mérida Yucatan founder of Adrian Gomez ART and Kauslab exhibiting his work in countries such as Venezuela, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Finland, Mexico, United States, Japan and Spain. With a strong influence by the development of humanity, astronomy and pre-Hispanic cultures

Other participants
Video Drone: Flaying Nick
Video Editing: Bombay Studio
Photography: Adrian Gomez ART