Borbon Cafe

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
The design demands were to create a peaceful and pleasant environment for the use of all classes and to pay attention to the history and purpose of cafe and inducing a sense of old and historical space in combination with a modern form with a look at the architectural commonalities of the city of Isfahan and Naples, Italy. Being a property and limitations in making changes and implementation costs, adherence to the principles of branding and the requests of the company providing the cafe, limited and limited time, are some of the project projects ahead of the design and implementation of this project. Natural ventilation, proportions, provision of natural light, use of natural architectural materials and respect for the culture of Iran and Italy should be taken into consideration.

Sheikh Sadouq St, Isfahan, Iran

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials

Niasarm Architecture Studio

Author of the project
Meysam Shahpir

Other participants
Assistant architect: Molood Norani
Photographer: Ali Gorjian
Graphics: Saba Khalili

Status of the project