About the project (provided by the applicant)
The site is located in Indonesia, Ketapang Regency, Labai Hilir, that dominated with plantation, forest, and mining. Climate destruction causing wildfire often to occur caused by peat global warming; arid human intention for personal benefit such as plantation, mining, and site clearance. The large amount of ex-illegal mining site in Ketapang, with no one taking the responsibility because complex bureaucracy, law, and regulation making ex-mining site can't be recovered or taking reclamation back into forest The existing condition is just a dryland with heavy metal pollution that make plant and vegetation really tough to grow with excruciating condition. The ex-illegal mining site also near protected conservation forest, Mount Palung National Park. A cluster of neo-vernacular tourism, forest conservation, plant soil conservation industry, can be a new magnet to socio economic and environmental conservation for the past and the future.

Ketapang Regency, Labai Hilir, Indonesia

Project design year

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David Chow
I am a 4th year architecture student in Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. I am a youth with full of curiosity and competitive spirit. I have interest in urban design, design thinking, pedagogy, digital architecture, and building performance. My hobby is playing badminton, chess, and designing.

Authors of the project
David Chow, Dearren A. G., Adrian H. P., Nicholas S. Anelka H., Alden X. I. F., Vinsensius B.

Other participants
David Chow: researcher, conceptor, 3D renders exterior, and landscape designer
Dearren A. G.: researcher, conceptor, 3D modeler
Adrian H. P.: researcher, 3D modeler
Nicholas S. Anelka H.: 3D modelers, layouting, post processor
Alden X. I. F.: 3D modelers, post processor, 3D renderers interior
Vinsensius B.: early-stage modeler

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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