Bridging the Waters: Re-defining the Architectural Paradigm of the Badjao Culture in the 21st Century

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Intricately woven into the fabric of the Badjao culture is their deep connection with the sea. Over generations, the sea has been their dwelling and spiritual cornerstone, influencing every facet of their existence. Its unpredictable rhythms shaped their identity, enabling them to navigate the ebb and flow of life. Yet, as global dynamics evolve, the Badjaos find themselves at a crossroads: how to preserve their venerable traditions while adapting to contemporary pressures. This thesis thus serves as a conduit, honoring and advancing Badjao culture by embracing temporality as a catalyst for adaptation. «Bridging the Waters» envisions an organic architectural framework empowering the Badjaos to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct as they deem necessary. The community model is crafted to endure as a timeless tribute to Badjao culture and heritage — an architecture that fosters self-expression rather than imposition, empowering the community to shape its own narrative.

Totolan, Dauis, Bohol, Philippines

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Nicole Teñoso is an architecture student from the University of Santo Tomas, distinguished by her academic achievements and commitment to excellence. Her work transcends traditional design, focusing on creating sustainable and innovative architectural solutions that enhance communities. Her dedication to continuous learning and personal growth drives her to seek opportunities that refine her skills and expand her architectural vision, always seeking to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.

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Nicole Angela Teñoso

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Conceptual design

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