B (up) park

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About the project
Singapore, a city located in Southeast Asia, during the last years has opted for a sustainable and green development, which is reflected in the contemporary architecture of the site. Through green facades and large areas of public space tinted with green, the city offers us a syncretism between a 21st century urban style and natural landscapes that take us back to a more natural life.
Located on the river Kallang, The park focuses on the union of two large green areas separated by a river. In addition to this, there was a need for the collection of plastic waste from the area. However, these wastes are found both on the surface and in the depth of the water, complicating the collection system. For this reason the project has been divided into two phases. The first stage of the project was to develop a module that would serve as the basis of the architectural proposal wich corresponds to the second phase generating an new floating space for human gathering.

5 Stadium Rd, Singapore

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Applicant and author of the project
Born in Mexico, architect with a master's degree in innovation for design strategies, Alejandro Moreno Guerrero currently resides on the island of Taiwan. During the last 10 years he has been focused on the field of arts and architecture. He has participated in workshops in Latvia, Japan and Mexico (GEHL architects), aimed at the creation of urban projects and the use of digital tools for creative processes. He has benefited from support programs for young artists and professional studies.