Cabin in the Woods 

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Cabin In The Woods» is a three-level residential project, which starts from the concept and study of the anatomy and shape of the tree, being located in a rain forest within the city of San José Costa Rica, the cabin seeks to be immersed and camouflaged with the rain forest, and in this way the architecture can be part of the landscape that surrounds it. An architectural program is proposed with social activities on the access level and the private part on the upper level, the lower level being a viewpoint-type space for relaxation and reflection for the user, where they can appreciate the 360⁰ view.

Tarbaca, Aserrí, San José, Costa Rica

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Applicant and authors of the project
OVA. Arquitectura & Construcción.
OVA (One Vision Architecture), is an architecture studio created in 2019, with the purpose of developing architectural concepts and projects through a process in conjunction with the client, to achieve a better result and solutions for any project regardless of its scale.
Architects Marco A. Vega Marenco & Daniela Saborío Corrales, from OVA. Arquitectura & Construcción.