Camelinas Kitchen

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
Located in the south of the city of Morelia, immersed in a residential area, located a few steps from one of the principal avenues that connect the city, called Camelinas, this residence takes place in this avenue, in which the kitchen area was specifically intervened. The intervention for the renovation of this space arises from the need of clients to modernize this specific area and thus inhabit it in a comfortable and functional way.
The house is organized around a main axis of circulation, which has the kitchen as a visual finish, which can be seen from the access to the residence.
Taking this into account and attending to the needs and requirements of the clients, it was decided to place a main visual element inside the kitchen, which works as a visual finish of this main axis of circulation and the secondary axis of circulation which the first, is perpendicular. 

Morelia, Mexico

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Dehonor Arquitectos: «We are a young Mexican architecture firm more specifically in the city of Morelia, we seek to generate functional and pleasant architecture, fully satisfying the expectations and needs of our clients through design.»


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