Carpina house

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
In the sky of the municipality of Carpina, there is always a flock passing by, there is always a bird singing. The generator of the architectural party comes from the longitudinal section of the sloping geography and appropriates the natural profile of the site. From the articulation of volumetrically disparate orthogonal solids, the plastic expression of rigorous design aims to accentuate geometric rigor. In its materiality, the project takes advantage of the tangible synergy of the glass blocks in attenuating natural light. This experience combines a sensitive poetic narrative due to the shadow. Another element raises a notable role, an unexpected glazed walkway paradoxically hovers over the landscape and bears witness to the finite when gravitating between natural and built interfaces, the perennial meaning of space. Existence precedes its essence, this value perpetuates the soul of the house – the elegy of the emptiness built in front of the sublime nature.

Carpina, Pernambuco, Brazil

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NEBR arquitetura is an architectural firm based in the city of Carpina, located in the Zona da Mata Pernambucana, in the Northeast region of Brazil. We believe that architecture is a built work, so we seek to design an architecture of the possible, the straight and the built silence.