Casa Barreira

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Designed for a large family, Barreira House is to be built on a characteristic patch of land, laden with olive trees.
To work in flow with the steep inclination of the terrain, the house was pictured to be set on three different levels: on the lower level we can find the technical areas and garage; the intermediate level consists of the social areas, complemented by an exterior pool and barbecue space, and lastly, on the upper level, the private areas of the house.
When first visiting the site, the remarkable landscape to the East stood out. The layout for the different interior spaces was based on this and was a determinant factor for the clients. In a simple strategy to respond to the steep topography and the surrounding landscape, the house is deliberately hidden from the public road, embedding itself in its extensive scope, opening only towards the horizon, and taking full advantage of the landscape, enabling the morning light to spread throughout the interior.

Rua da Padaria — Barreira, Leiria, Portugal

Project design year

Jimmy 3D Design is a 3D computer graphics and visual communication studio specializing in creating high-quality architectural visualizations. In the market since 2018, we work with several real estate clients, capturing their ideas and transforming them into 3D visualizations, which easily convey a sense of time and place, emotionally involving the buyer in a story about the project in the real world.

Author of the project
Bruno Dias Arquitectura, project team: Bruno Dias, Tãnia Matias and Cristiana Henriques.

Status of the project
Conceptual design