Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The design of this house posed a particular challenge: to distribute, at the request of the clients, a large program on the ground floor of a triangular lot that, despite its extensive front, did not offer a large rear space. To optimize the garden, it was decided to implant the ground floor in two remote bars: one against the front with the common areas and services such as the dining room, gallery, kitchen, grill, machine room and laundry room and the other, located against the side retreat for the rest area, where the master bedroom with bathroom en suite and dressing room are located. A third rests on these bars, which, with its windows covered with parasols, gives the whole a compact appearance. In this third bar, two guest rooms are located at the ends, and in the space generated by the intersection of the three bars, the imposing double-height living room is generated, the heart of the project. This space has the particularity of being related to the surrounding vegetation on it


Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Grizzo Studio was founded in 2020 by architects and siblings Federico Grizzo and Lucila Grizzo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This study-workshop is developed as an constant analytical research seeks to understand and respond through experiences to the needs of each commission, proposing a new way of living, of relating to light, materiality, and nature always trying to awaken emotions that go beyond mere functionality that the studio has the premise of reaching in each project.

Other participants
Collab — Santiago Fernandez Bender
Photo — Alejandro Peral 

Status of the project