Casa Guanacaste

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
On a rural setting, placed on the top of the lot slope to captures the distant ocean view, and the breeze for efficient cross ventilation. On it 6 mature Guanacaste trees make a magnificent foreground to that view, and behind, it has a wonderful mountain and grasslands view. The house was to be designed as near the trees as possible so the house was raised on stilts to avoid tree root system. So that all the important areas of the house had an ocean view we designed a long and narrow floor plan with an off centre central garden which articulates an allows visual contact between the 3 “work” areas: tv/studio, kitchen, and ceramics workshop, this space becomes a focal point of the house. The boundary between between indoors and out doors throughout the house, especially the great room and the terrace, is blurred and ambiguous. Helped by the swimming pool, faced in natural black slate tiles reflects the nearby Guanacastes making them an an integral part of the house and daily living.

La Garita, Costa Rica

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Applicant and authors of the project
Cañas Arquitectos.
Cañas Arquitectos was born in 1975, at a time when the Costa Rican society had little or no exposure and understanding about how fabulous design is. Over the years, more people have been exposed to and educated in good design, thus it has become more valued and now Cañas Architects is recognized as one of Latinamerica’s architectural offices with a longer and most committed trajectory.
Architects Victor Cañas, Andrés Cañas, Sara Araya.