Casa Kaab

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project (provided by the applicant)
CASA KAAB's interior design beautifully merges contemporary elegance with the geological richness of the Chicxulub Crater, reflecting earthy tones and minerals of the region. Organic textures and strategic lighting recreate the post-impact atmosphere, while geological art and nature-inspired furniture evoke the region's beauty post-catastrophe. The foyer serves as a portal to Chicxulub's history, with elements transporting to the cosmic event that shaped the area. The living space harmoniously combines minimalist design with historical richness, featuring an iconic braid as a tribute to Yucatan's past. The upper floor narrates a unique story of rebirth and connection to Earth's history through art and themed bedrooms. Overall, CASA KAAB stands not just as an architectural space but as a legacy inviting contemplation of nature and the importance of preserving our planet.

Yucatan Country Club, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

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Extra visual materials

Kauslab by Adrian Gomez ART
We are a design, architecture and interior design laboratory focused on art, with a proposal inspired by the stars, which gave light and foot to the beginnings of architecture, KAUSLAB is presented, this is the name that consolidates the talent of the designers Adrián Gómez and Enderson Pérez, who stand out among the plastic arts, architecture, interior design, and graphic design.

Authors of the project
Kauslab by Adrian Gomez ART

Other participants
Creative Direction: Adrian Gómez
Project coordination: Enderson Perez
Art: Adrian Gómez ART
Photography: Enderson Pérez
Engineering and Carpentry: Marago

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