Casa Laguna

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
We thought of an introspective house, which builds a perimeter of walls full of life and activity opposed to a flexible center of multiple uses, completely isolated, with large windows that connects it with the open sky patio, that looks at the shore of the lagoon, the clouds, the sunset, the birds. The house creates its own landscape.
Nothing can be seen from other constructions, privacy was the main concern.
The entrance is led through a Mediterranean, low-maintenance and arid courtyard.
A system of hanging walls and beams, with different concrete textures, articulate the inside and outside space, creating a fluid circulation that is guided more by instinct than by intent, with distant visuals, through which you find the private area. There are three bedrooms, two of them are for guests, and the third one, isolated from the others by a water patio, is the master bedroom with views to the lagoon.

Guernica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project implementation year

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Extra visual materials

Estudio Morton arquitectura y paisaje.
«We are an architecture and landscape studio headed by architects Diorella Fortunati and Nuria Jover based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are interested in the transformation of the cities we inhabit through the architecture we create regardless of its scale and particular commission. Every work is a study case, an opportunity to reflect and a space to understand the material nature and express ourselves through it.»

Author of the project
Diorella Andrea Fortunati

Other participants
Collaborators: arch. Nuria Jover, arch. Daiana Ferreira
Logistics: Marisa Caudi
Photography: Matias Godec

Status of the project