Casa Mountain Park

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About the project (provided by the applicant)
The house inserted into the landscape stands out, emphasizing nature, this insertion is given by the presence of a large rock located on the lot that was integrated into the project.
The architectural design emerged around the rock, being used as part of the structure of the house.
More than a prominent element of the project, the office uses nature as an indispensable item.
The integration of the internal with the external through the transparency of the windows invites nature into the interior.
The entrance to the house is protected by the walkway that connects the reinforced concrete pool and transmits lightness through its position, forming an entrance porch.
The residence has a living room leading to the social and intimate sectors, which contains 7 suites, in the social sector 3 integrated rooms, fireplace, living and dining area, kitchen with gourmet area, gym, games room, massage room, sauna, spa and suspended pool with semi-Olympic lap lane.

São Roque, município de São Paulo, Brazil 

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Studio Sacchi Arquitetura
Created in 2012, Studio Sacchi carries out architectural projects for the construction of houses, retrofit projects and interior architecture.
The office works with the idea that good architecture must be capable of transforming people's lives, through its works, a special sensitivity regarding “the life and soul” of the places where they design. The office believes that quality of life is closely linked to the harmonization of spaces and the good integration of the interior with the exterior.

Author of the project
Studio Sacchi Arquitetura

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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