Casa na Areia

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The location and morphology of the terrain allow a unique system of views: Guincho sea on the west and northwest side and Serra de Sintra on the north side. The terrain has a moderate slope, where we can feel the characteristic winds of the area. Casa na Areia appears as a synthesis of desires: a house that protects itself from the winds and where one can enjoy the surrounding landscape. Casa na Areia, in dialogue with the site, is a built landscape, and its implantation and access are fundamental.
The implantation of the house seeks a distance from the main road, to guarantee an introspection that the site itself suggests. Casa na Areia appears in the middle of walls that seem to have been there forever, this line being the one that delimits the house. A line that contains the intimate space of the house, as opposed to the open exterior space that the walls also draw.

Areia, Cascais, Portugal

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Subvert Studio. Architecture, design and art studio focused on creating unique and unexpected solutions in each project in an increasingly diversified global market.
With more over ten years of experience, our multidisciplinary team starts from the existing, from our legacy and heritage, to create projects for the future, reflecting a sensible dichotomy between manual, artisanal and industrial thinking.
Architect Tiago Rebelo de Andrade.