Casa Paineiras

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Located in a residential condominium in Brasília, Casa Paineiras stands out for its placement on a plot of just over 2,000 m², featuring a notable slope in a preservation area with native cerrado forest. The architecture follows the linearity of the terrain, emphasizing horizontality and robustness, creating spaces that accommodate the dynamics of modern life and provide moments of relaxation and connection with nature.

The design was guided by the pursuit of harmony between the built environment and the landscape, offering residents the feeling of living in symbiosis with the forest. The placement values the topography. Therefore, the garage was designed to minimize earth movement, support the upper volume, and allow for an experience of connection with nature from arrival.

The access corridor to the private area was created to give residents privacy while interacting with the main facade through a floor-to-ceiling window. This same opening, which accentuates the horizontality of th

Jardim Botânico, Brazil

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Bruno Porto Morem, the lead architect behind Casa Paineiras, is a visionary in contemporary design. Passionate about integrating modern living spaces with natural environments, Bruno's work highlights a deep understanding of architecture and its surroundings. Graduating over 10 years ago from the University Center of Brasília (CEUB), his innovative approach to residential design stands out. Founded in 2012, Studio Bruno Porto embodies a contemporary and minimalist essence.

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Bruno Porto Morem

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