Casa Portobello III

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About the project
Casa Portobello III draws its inspiration from the owner's profound affinities: an ardent aviation and avian enthusiast, coupled with the serene charms of the rural landscape. This exclusively residential architecture stands as an embodiment of these influences. Comprising three distinct volumes, the architectural design orchestrates a harmonious dialogue, enveloping itself within a tranquil reflective water element, synergizing seamlessly with the surroundings. The inclined roofs pay homage to avian wings, further encapsulating the essence of nature. A bespoke creation that exemplifies the proprietor's vision, Casa Portobello III melds a distinctive character with the natural world, resulting in an unprecedentedly personalized living space that encapsulates both the spirit of individuality and the serenity of nature. This unique composition stands as making Casa Portobello III a truly one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece in the world.

Portobello, Piura, Peru

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Applicant and authors of the project
GRUPO REYES SANTIVÁÑEZ is an innovative architectural firm dedicated to crafting extraordinary private residences. With an unwavering commitment to blending creativity and functionality, we reimagine spaces to epitomize individual lifestyles. «Our designs, rooted in elegance and innovation, redefine the concept of home, creating bespoke environments that resonate with the essence of modern living in Peru.»
Project by Santiváñez Reyes, Aníbal Emmanuel; Otero Seminario, María Sol; Baldera Jiménez, Bruno Moisés — Grupo Reyes Santiváñez

Status of the project
Under construction