Casa Silveirinha

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Baptised after its location, Casa Silveirinha emerges in a rural area. The house’s position was carefully thought taking into account the closeness of neighbouring houses. One of the main intentions of the clients was to ensure privacy from the public view to the interior living and vice versa. In order to achieve this, it was essential to close the living quarters to the exterior. Designed at ground floor level, Casa Silveirinha unfolds into several connected areas that reflect the organic feel of the roofing, in which all the main interior spaces face the centrepiece of the architectural design, the exterior patio.The house is divided into three main areas: the exterior space, the interior private space and the interior social space. The division between the private areas and the social areas can be considered quite subtle. It is through the entrance hall that we perceive the dividing line between these two spaces.

Rua das Casas Velhas — Silveirinha, Pombal, Portugal

Project design year

Extra visual materials
Modeling 3D: Jimmy

Bruno Dias Arquitectura.
Bruno Dias is an architect graduated from University of Arts in Coimbra, in 2007. After graduating he went work to Algeria, Switzerland and France. Returning to his home country, he opened his own atelier Bruno Dias Arquitectura, in Ansião. Establish in 2012, the atelier focused on try to provide the perfect harmony of what the client wants and the symbiosis of what the spaces provides. The majority of the projects are materialized in genuine materials, mostly in concrete, pine wood and glass.

Author of the project
Bruno Dias Arquitectura, project team: Bruno Dias, Tânia Matias and Cristiana Henriques.

Status of the project
Conceptual design