Casa Sur

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Casa Sur began with an unprecedented proposal, to design a house that could be built with half of the market value, in Guernica, 40 miles away from Buenos Aires on an economical land badly oriented and without vegetation.
We proposed two perpendicular pavilions strategically placed on the site and articulated by a single core enclosing the wet areas of the house in order to achieve the best orientations and visuals while reducing construction costs. The entrance of the house is also in this articulation and it leads to a narrow hallway then to a continuous and austere setting confined only by its upper and bottom plane that opens the house to the private garden. The prefabricated slab seems to float, resting on a metal structure hidden in the glass wall and two upstanding beams that in addition create the roof of the exterior semi-covered area. Lastly, two independent prisms on the walls of each pavilion characterize both areas generating storage space and privacy where required.

Guernica, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project implementation year

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Extra visual materials

Diorella Andrea Fortunati

Author of the project
Diorella Andrea Fortunati

Other participants
Collaborators: Arch. Nuria Jover, Daiana Ferreira.
Structural Advisor: Ing. Carlos Tinnirello
Management and logistics: Marisa Caudi
Photographs: Matías Godec

Status of the project