Villa in Cascais

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The site with an ocean view is located in Cascais, a famous Lisbon suburb. The house stands diagonally, dividing the site into a noisy zone with a parking lot and sports grounds, and a private zone. The house for permanent residence is delicately integrated into the existing pinewood ecosystem.
The design provides for a one-level volume with two main blocks. The kitchen-diner is turned south and offers an ocean view, and is also complemented with an exit to the patio zone and a swimming pool. Panoramic windows are collapsible. The bedroom windows are oriented north to prevent overheating during the day. The master bedroom has a private terrace with a garden view.

Rua da Golfe, Cascais, Portugal

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Applicant and authors

MT.A, architectural studio.
Authors of the project - Mila Titova, Alina Eliseeva, Alexander Parkhomenko.