Castaños House

Best Constructed Private Residence

About the project
The project strategy consisted on breaking down the total volume of the house, in a way that none of the façades would express the total height of the building, to avoid showing a robust object. The proportions of a two-story building inside a short plot could cause the perception of a bulky and heavy volume. We could achieve this fragmentation through the distribution of the mass, alternating the filled spaces (covered) and void spaces (semi-covered). This avoids a compact look from the outside and instead creates an effect of permeability.
Since our intention was to generate an atmosphere inside the house that enhanced the contact with nature, we positioned the social area in direct relation with the garden and decided to place a large courtyard in the center, which structures the floor plan and allows the alternation between open and closed spaces. In this way, the exterior becomes present in every space in a controlled manner, still encouraging the feeling of shelter.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Ekaterina Kunzel, co-author of the project, is an Argentine architect from the University of Buenos Aires. In 2014 she founded her own architecture studio, which develops projects and construction management, both independently and associated with various architecture firms.

Author of the project
María Belén García Bottazzini, Argentine architect from the University of Buenos Aires, since 2014. Belen Bottazzini is Site Manager at Confam Builders S.A since 2016.

Another participants
Project and management — Arch. Ekaterina Künzel and Arch. María Belén García Bottazzini
Client — Martín Socstel
Building company — Constructora Correa
Site Supervisor — Arch.Fernando Haller
Collaborators — Arch. Andrés Conde Blanco, Ariel Correa
Translation — Arch. Sofía del Mestre
Photographs — Daniela Mac Adden