Cemetery Park of Cuenca

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Absence that in architectural terms can be expressed as a spatial void, a void that requires shelter or consolation, both can be expressed as an envelope, and specifically, as the Möbius band, which has the property of being a ruled surface, helps us a lot to understand what infinity means within an analogy of life and death. That passage from death to new life that becomes a cyclical theme, and a duality between matter and spirit, between full and empty, noise and silence, light and darkness, etc.

Cuenca, Ecuador

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Applicant and authors of the project
Creative Union Network. CEO Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla was born in Cuenca on May 17, 1977. He received his degree as an architect from the University of Cuenca in 2002 with a specialty in Architectural Design. In 2005 he obtained the title of master of science in advanced architectural and urban design from the Superior Institute of Plastic Arts of Frankfurt am Main — Germany, Städelschule Architecture Class, In 2016 he was the best graduate of the master's degree in constructions.
Design team: Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla, with David Bustillos Karla Mogrovejo Maria Paz Rosas José Fernando Ron Gabriela Pérez Fernando Amaya.

Other participants
Structural Engineering - Ing. Alberto Vásquez
Electric Engineering - Ing. Fabián Aucapiña
Hydrosanitary Engineering - Ing. Johanna Urigüen Alvarez
General Budgeting - Ing. Johanna Urigüen