Central Spine Park at Vadvasa

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The central spine park in this 100-acre community in Gujarat successfully integrates many of the key goals of resilient & sustainable design. A large retention pond is substantially surrounded by an unlined edge and dense planting that allows water percolation & harvesting during the monsoon months. Active and passive play spaces are delineated using landform modulation, rather than built form to separate disparate uses. It is planted with a diverse and layered planting of native species to convey a forest-like environment surrounding the neighborhood. Being a two-acre linear park of approximately 27 m in width, the many functions of this park follows in a series with a children's play area, a pond with mostly natural edges, some seating, and quiet spaces adjoin the pond. In reference to its rich cultural heritage of step wells and stone walls, an informal gathering space with a permeable sand bed serves as a court for volleyball and impromptu picnics.

Vadvasa, Gujarat, India

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EcoDomain was part of a multi-disciplinary team and collaborated early in the site planning process significantly to realize myriad opportunities for sustainable site management with respect to climate resiliency, energy-efficient design and productive landscapes. Multiple teams collaborated effectively to integrate road layout, site drainage, erosion control, water harvesting, and inclusive social spaces, through early factoring of landscape solutions into the project.

Applicant and authors of the project
EcoDomain Landscape Architecture and Planning.
EcoDomain’s strengths lie in identifying the big picture of any landscape exercise – giving due deference to environmental and cultural influences that define each site. We aim at robust designs derived from sustainably sourced materials and craftmanship that stand the test of time. With an emphasis on keeping the development footprint compact, resilient and sustainable, our approach emphasizes the role of good design to truly transform space beyond merely function and aesthetics.
Project by Seema Anthony — Landscape Architect, EcoDomain, India

Other participants
Project Clients — Setu Builders
Project Architects — Stapati Architects