Ceremonial Center in Parque del Recuerdo

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An invitation to reflect on the cycles of life — birth, death and transformation. In this last stage architecture looks to reflect on our closing ritual to create spaces for transformation where we permit a connection of the body with the earth. This reflection translates into an evolution of a traditional ceremonial or funeral architecture to a ritual and architecture connected to our natural scenery. The concept appears from the understanding of the body as a sustainable vessel. Death, understood as a natural process where the body no longer inhabited by the soul becomes a «seed body», which when buried blooms into the trees of the park. There are 3 main ceremonial elements: 2 chapels and a crematorium, which emerge in the distance. The axis that unites them a figure of a «seed» is created with curved walls with columbarium. The volumes that contain the program are arranged loosely through landscape, transforming it into a walk through the park.

Región Metropolitana, Chile

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Cazú Zegers Architecture.
Creative ecosystem developing in a collaborative way both tangible and intangible projects. Multidisciplinary team composed of leading architects and professionals in their areas who achieve unique methodologies in innovation. Cazú Zegers, founder and director of the firm acts as lead designer and main creative mind, ensuring a coherent and poetic design narrative. Studio with 30 years of practice and more than three dozen projects built in various territories.