Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

About the project
For the design of our architecture studio, located on the first floor of the reform of this villa from the 80s, the same color palette was adopted as that of its exterior, since through its large windows that open to the street, the interior becomes part of the façade.
The grazing illuminated curved brick ceiling covers the entire studio, making a space of a few meters divided by work tables and full of shelves with samples and models unified. The structure that supports it is hidden and since it is separated around its entire perimeter and illuminated from above, it seems to float in space. The rest of the elements such as granite tables, wall coverings and metal shelves were made in a dark palette so as not to compete with the curved ceiling that is the protagonist of the space.
Using curved sliding panels, the workshop can be divided into two. The guide for these sliders is hidden in the ceiling in order to achieve the continuity we are looking for.

CABA, Devoto, Argentina

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Grizzo Studio was founded in 2020 by architects and siblings Federico Grizzo and Lucila Grizzo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This study-workshop is developed as an constant analytical research seeks to understand and respond through experiences to the needs of each commission, proposing a new way of living, of relating to light, materiality, and nature always trying to awaken emotions that go beyond mere functionality that the studio has the premise of reaching in each project.

Other participants
Photo — Federico Kulekdjian.

Status of the project