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About the project
The proposed need was an office-service building for the Sefid Dasht steel industrial complex in accordance with the identity of the culture and tradition of the region.
We were inspired first by architecture located on the slopes in the form of stepped settlements, and second architecture located in the plain with a wide central courtyard and all-round porticoes. Both types are compatible with the identity and climate structure of the region. The first one allows the use of the scenery and the special nature of the region, and the second one provides collective interactions in the middle open space. Chagha is the most traditional clothing of the people of the region, a clothing that is 2000 years old. A cover that is a symbol of the identity and cultural history of the region. Chagha motifs are taken from Chaghazanbil. Therefore, by taking advantage of this geometry and using metal sheets, we created a unified and porous facade in Sefid Dasht (White Plain)

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province — Sefid Dasht — Sefid Dasht Steel Complex, Iran

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Ashkan Ghaneei, born in a family of architects in Isfahan. His acquaintance with the field of architecture happened from the age of 5 in his father's office with making an architectural model instead of kindergarten crafts. His first professional design experience at the age of 19 was designing and building a architecture workspace in their family garden, which later led to his first professional award.Since then, he has won numerous awards in various competitions.

Authors of the project
Ashkan Ghaneei, Mohammadreza Ghaneei, Mariam Alikhani, Nareh Gerakousian, Amir Tahmoures

Sefid Dasht Steel Industrial Complex

Status of the project
Conceptual design