Chaika Residential Complex

Best Project of Residential or Multifunctional Estate

About the project
Preservation of the heritage sites introduced by the Soviet Modernism is one of the priorities for the Urban Protection Board in Saratov.

They suggested that Chaika (Seagull) Hotel, built in the 1960s, should be readjusted to become an apartment unit. All the levels are to be redesigned, all the stairwells and floor slabs are to be dismounted to be replaced with the new ones, with elevator wells and a new scenic level, which will make the project more profitable. At the same time, the existing architectural appearance of the building will remain untouched, as it solos in the Modernist ensemble of the town square.

Balakovo Town, Saratov Region, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Spirin architects, architectural studio
Evgeny and Marina Spirins

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