Chalus residential building

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As one of the marine and forest tourism cities of Mazandaran province, Chalus is considered as one of Iran's tourism hubs. The Chalus residential buildings project is located on Faraj Abad beach of Chalus city. the subject, accesses, sea and forest view, the number of units required by the employer (3 units per floor) and The maximum need for air flow and greenness of the project led us to consider regular modules of 10 x 5 and 12 x 5 and to solve the client's needs in a design way from the combination of modules, Therefore the building consists of placing the modules of the building units together and rotating the modules in the upper floors by views and airflows matters ; which finally caused the variety of empty and full space which has created courtyards-terraces with maximum view in the building.

Chalus, Mazandaran province, Iran

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Silkroads Design and Build cоmpany was established as an architecture and design studio in 2016 by Navid Ganji (architect and project manager) and during its activities has carried out various projects in various residential, cultural, tourism and urban scales.

Hamid Rostami

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Conceptual design