CHCN 207

Best Project of Residential Estate

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The project is situated in an urban environment of high patrimonial value as it is Old Havana. The construction from the 19th century currently serves as a housing building (where many families live together). Therefore, the undertaking results in precise action of strategic surgery mainly focused on the last architectural space. To this end, two loft-like rooms are added overlooking the historical and cultural scenery, as well as an office and an open terrace. It was proposed design an appropriate strategy of Ad-ecuación, tactical surgery operations that solve different variables of the architectural problem through precise actions. Materials produced by the small local construction industry were included in the design of the solution, with the aim of contributing resources to the local development and giving new meaning to the value of their productions. The neighbors of the building have been benefited jointly and severally with the renovation of the drain and plumbing systems.

Havana, Cuba

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Applicant and authors of the project
Ad Urbis Arquitectos. Time management process that promotes architectural research, theory and practice between the fields of design and education. Based in Havana city.
Team: Jorge Madrigal, Lisania Fernández, Jorge Aranguez, Jorge Enrique Lopez