Three children’s room

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The architects know that designing nurseries is always a challenge, but in case with three kids it this task can be especially arduous. Children need space to play, so it was important not to chock the room up with furniture.
The design concept included everything that was necessary – enough free space and multifunctional zones for the kids where they can create and study, shelves, wardrobes, beds, bookshelves, smartly located lamps, and charging sockets.
The inspiration source was the Nikolskie Ryady market with its extensive galleries, courtyards, and high arches. The original stucco work dating back to 1896 was preserved and integrated into the modern interior.

139 Fontanka Embankment, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
LEVKOVICH ARCHITECTS, architectural bureau