China Wine Cultural Center

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About the project
This project is a cultural and recreational place in China, including a museum,cultural&retail spaces, expo hall and hotel.
Our design will build the foundations of a new sustainable development, where barriers between nature, buildings, and AI will be removed. The views and the landscape have always been the primary protagonists of the design". Our project design is highly affected by the project site’s surrounding environment. Visitors will access site by an external ramp that leads to the upper level, designed to"emphasise its relationship with the site".
The project was designed with the elements and qualities of the architecture of ancient villages of China in mind. The movement in this project is planned based on respect for humans and nature in a way that (plus shape) route, we have built a river among the land uses in order to reach the desired places as well as the sensory experience of rafting and shopping from commercial centers and reaching expo and hotel along the river path.

Huailai County, China

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Applicant and authors of the project
Armani Architects.
Founded on the belief that architecture has the capacity to help shape one’s experience. «We are fascinated by the way in which architecture is evolving as a result of new digital tools and manufacturing techniques. To ensure we don’t contribute to a waste of materials and investment that is no longer sustainable or appropriate in today’s world, we develop strategies that not only anticipate the future, but possible changes to that future as well.»
Lead Architects — Amir Armani Asl, Kiana Ghader.
Team — Gayaneh Khosrovian.

Other participants
Client — China Economic Development & Culture Committee