Ciudad de las Artes Indígenas — CAI / City of Indigenous Arts

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The project for the City of Indigenous Arts in Tepic was conceived as an integral city intervention that is made up of a pair of buildings (market and gallery), a series of public plazas, and walkways that connect the complex with the city. Due to the project's privileged location, it maintains direct contact with the city's river, incorporating it through urban landscape strategies that extend the project's original scope.
Artisans from the area will be able to use the workshops to develop their art, the galleries to exhibit their work, and the market to sell their products. All the volumes of the complex, built in ochre brick, have natural ventilation and lighting, creating ideal conditions for the activities they house.
CAI is a space that seeks to project the cultural richness of native ethnic groups, to promote their trades, crafts and traditions under a fair trade scheme. The building takes inspiration from these motifs and seeks to serve this priceless cultural presence.

63000 Centro, Av. México Nte. 405C, Centro, Tepic, Nayari,t Mexico

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Estudio MMX is a collaborative team focused on design processes for various scales of territory, founded and based on Mexico City since 2010. The studio seeks a collaborative practice, whose work, synthesis of the team’s structure, promotes the consolidation of its experience with a participative collective dynamic.
The office develops proposals whose territories vary from design and installations to architecture and urban planning; recognizing in each project a unique challenge.

Authors of the project
Estudio MMX: Jorge Arvizu, Ignacio del Río, Emmanuel Ramírez, Diego Ricalde


Other participants
Collaborators: Eduardo Pesado, Francisco Martínez, Gabriel González, Armando Palacios, Levi Ramírez, Valeria Fernández
External collaborators: C.T. (Mariel Collard, Eréndira Tranquilino, Roberto Domínguez, Diego Encampira)
Aerial photography: Eduardo Pesado, Ignacio del Río

Status of the project
Under construction