CLAVIS Restaurant

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
Key objectives of the project were renovation of the old Book Center and making this place popular again – but as a restaurant.
The state of the old building was quite miserable, and still the architects needed to preserve the historical heritage. They restored the damaged interior pieces and rock of the walls, as well as railings and panels, and repaired the bass-reliefs, too. The original architectural solutions by Albert Yakimenko were adjusted and supported in the new concept of the restaurant venue.
One of the gems of the place were the sculptures by Alexander Apollonov. They were the corner stone of the interior, so they were preserved, too, and even highlighted with soft accent lighting. The interiors were enriched with delicately colored wood, natural stone, and bass reliefs.

Krasnodar, Russia

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Talk by Viktoria Bogdanova from Hi Home Magazine and designer Oxana Danilenko

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