Collider Coworking

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
The challenge was to rearrange a workshop at an ex-textile plant into a coworking with an event venue and a bar.
All the functional zones of the 1,650 m2 site are connected to one another, and yet are absolutely independent. Two interior streets – Street and Avenue – divide the space into quiet and loud zones.
The major task was to treat the industrial heritage as delicately as possible. The authors were aware that the textile plant had been there for some 100 years before they intruded into it. Being respectful towards the historical premises was the basis of their every decision. They wanted their actions to be reversible in case in the future someone would like to make this place as it were.

Vyatskaya Street 27/7, Moscow, Russia

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MT.A, architectural studio.
Authors: MT.A + Delateli Ofisov (Office Makers).