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A shop made with a container, also known as a container shop or a shipping container store, is a structure that has been repurposed from a standard shipping container. These containers are typically made of durable steel and have been used for shipping goods around the world. However, they are now being used for a variety of purposes, including retail stores, cafes, offices, and even homes. A container shop typically consists of one or more shipping containers that have been modified to create a functional retail space. The containers are often stacked or arranged side by side to create a larger space, and can be customized to suit the needs of the business.
The exterior of a container shop is typically painted or decorated to attract customers and create a distinctive look. The interior can be outfitted with a variety of fixtures and fittings, such as shelving, lighting, and heating/cooling systems, to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers.

Greencity, Singhe Mawatha, Muttettugala, Sri Lanka

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Malith Rajapaksha, engineering undergraduate at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka with a strong passion for architecture: «I am eager to bring my passion for architecture to my engineering studies and to use my knowledge and skills to create innovative and sustainable buildings that not only meet the needs of their users but also enhance the beauty and livability of the communities they serve.»

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Conceptual design


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