Contextual Response: Railway Museum

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About the project
The city of Vadodara is known for its railway history. The Pratap Vilas Palace currently houses the only railway university of India. The museum is designed to respect the surrounding area and minimize its impact on the historic building. The aim is to create a cultural catalyst by blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior to celebrate the existing historic structure. To maintain the glory of historic structure, the intervention is subterranean. The thoroughfare acts as a gateway to the museum and provides continuous visual connection between the old and the new. The museum design is simple and subtle in terms of language. The roof of the exhibition hall of the museum is a pneumatic structure which provides a clear view of the palace from inside the museum. During the daytime, the roof looks like a waterbody within the existing landscape and during the night it looks like a glowing dome.

NRTI, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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Applicant and author of the project
Hemaxi Luhar.
Graduate in Architecture from School of Environmental Design and Architecture, Navrachana University