Copali House

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project (provided by the applicant)
Located southwest of the city of Morelia, immersed in a residential country area located a few steps from one of the most important shopping malls in the city, is Copali House. The house is organized from the double-height living room space, framing the main axis of circulation through the entire residence, surrounded by spaces such as the dining room, kitchen, stairs and a great view of the city of Morelia, allowing the architectural space visually display its different areas. From this space, the main routes that communicate all the functions of the project are proposed. Entering the property we can see the visual finish which is the swimming pool view, thus generating a dialogue between the user and architecture. The house is resolved on two levels, on the first level is located the social nucleus, bedroom on the ground floor and service area.

Morelia, Mexico

Project implementation year

Dehonor Arquitectos
Architecture and design studio based in Morelia, Mexico

Author of the project
Dehonor Arquitectos

Other participants
Photography: Cristian Nuñez Dehonor,

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