Corsal House

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
Located in the magical town of Tacámbaro (Mexico), Casa Corsal emerges from a family’s desire to design 2 vacation homes and amenities within an existing rustic villa. The project evokes the traditional constructions of the region and commemorates the work of its craftsmen. Based on the understanding of the site’s conditions, the project is respectfully integrated into its natural context through terraces and walkways, generating an experience that invites the visitor to explore the rest of the complex, which comprises an outstanding red brick pavilion and areas of coexistence. The cabins feature an organic geometry and natural materiality, where the use of adobe, wood and clay stands out. The interior design reflects the vernacular richness of the town, where warm tones and natural textures generate an introspective atmosphere; same scenario where the integration of local objects and furniture stands out, with the aim to recover the value of Michoacán artisans.

Tacámabro, Michoacán, Mexico

Project implementation year

Applicants and authors of the project
Echeri Arquitectura (Eréndira Soto) + MCH Arquitecto Interiorista (Mauricio Cervantes)

Status of the project