Countryside Garden

Best Implemented Landscaping and Green Beautification Project

About the project
Located in a picturesque place at the shore of the Shepelyovskoye Lake, the garden contains birch saplings planted hand-fan-wise on the right from the house’s bay window. At the main building and the bath house special wooden terraces were designed, holding the plants. This became a link between the garden and the architectural facilities of the site. The pine-tree planted into the wooden flooring, surrounding the bathhouse, made this private recreation more beautiful. Plants on the wooden terrace at the main house make the garden and the house one.
Silvery sage combined with roses, perennial flowers and snow-white birch trunks make the garden look ethereal.

The Leningrad Region, Russia

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Elena Konkova, landscape designer.