Country house: nature as an experience

Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The intense green of the forest is the background of this country house that opens its doors as a refuge for a family.
The plump eucalyptus wood appears in the floating pergola and the inclined pillars, creating a rhythm that surrounds the balcony that faces the lake and is a pleasant place to stay.
The roof hovers over the arrangement of pillars and creates beautiful angles to the volume. Viewed frontally, it appears to float over the glass, which, in turn, gives lightness to the facade and highlights the continuity of the roof's apparent woodwork, extending from the internal to the external side.
The social sector is embraced by the balcony and the environments are integrated and connected to the external environment through frames. The intimate sector aligns with the concept, where glazed openings allow natural light and wind to enter, bringing the aroma and freshness of the forest.
The white of the walls neutralizes the rustic materials with elegance and, together with the glass!

Pinhalzinho, Santa Catarina, Brazil

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Márcia Pilz Arquitetura, architectural office that has been working on architectural and interior projects in southern Brazil for 17 years.

Author of the project
Márcia Pilz

Jaime Kolling

Other participants
Photographer: Gustavo Zanin

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