Court Costume in the Mid 18th — Early 19th cc. from State Hermiate Collection

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
100+ exhibits from the State Hermitage were presented in the rooms of the History Museum. Most of them are associated with the family of Alexander III and therefore are quite indicative. The exhibition space is divided into several zones, covering different aspects of the royal family’s life: At Alexander III Court where the visitors can feel as if they are in the palace, The Wardrobe giving an insight into the life of the royal family, The Ceremonies where false windows were established with a replica of Eduard Gau’s watercolor painting, and The Final featuring intensity and the tragic atmosphere through colors, poor lighting and shard-like displays.

State History Museum, 2/3 Revolutsii Square, Moscow, Russia

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Medvedeva Olga