Cozumel Palace Hotel

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About the project (provided by the applicant)
Inspired by the most exquisite international standards of resorts and hotels, Cozumel Palace will have a privileged location on the most famous Praia do Caixa D’Aço, in Porto Belo SC — Brazil.
Featuring a modern architecture, with 64 apartments, 14 of which are differentiated and high-luxury, and another 50 conventional apartments, for families of 2 to 4 people, the resort will have a complete infrastructure, including personalized services, leisure areas and well-being. living, high quality gastronomy, and all that, facing the sea at Caixa D'Aço.
The project was carefully designed to be integrated into the local landscape, without harming the surroundings where it will be located.

Rua Pedro Jacinto Dias, Araçá, Porto Belo SC, Brazil

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SDA Arquitetura

Cescon Construtora

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