CREA — Cooperative Bank

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
This project is the outcome of a nationwide competition hosted by a cooperative bank, which was seeking to build a new and innovative head office.
The idea behind the project was to identify symbols or particular features of Cuenca’s culture that customers of the bank would associate with the local architecture. Therefore, we analyzed the representative elements of the local culture and established that the predominant icon is the famous “Chola Cuencana”.
In this way, by transforming some of the most symbolic elements of the “Chola Cuencana” into geometric forms, it was possible to integrate each part into the architectural design.
The braid, which symbolizes the linking, converging, and directing of forces was used as the primary concept to design the building, while the “toquilla straw hat” or “Panama hat” and the embroidered clothing were used in the interior. The vibrant colours and textures were represented within the shapes and materials used in the internal spaces.

Cuenca, Ecuador

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Applicant and authors of the project
Creative Union Network
Creative Union Network was created as a multidisciplinary architecture office, wich aimed to connect a multitude of professionals from a variety of disciplines to intelligently services the distinct needs of each individual project. The interconnected nature of the office´s structure was the impetus of our identification as Creative Union Network.
Architect Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla.
Equipo de Diseño: Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla, David Bustillos, Karla Mogrovejo, María Inés Ochoa, Christian Tamayo, Gabriela Pérez, Fernando Amaya.

Other participants
Clients: Cooperativa CREA Ltda.
Structural Engineering: Ing. Alberto Vásquez.
Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Eng. Fabián Aucapiña.
Hydrosanitary Engineering: Ing. Johanna Urigüen
Visualizations: Daniel Villa
Landscaping: Creative Union Network